Members Page

Welcome to the members' page!

This page is intended to provide some fundamental information about your membership, how to support the orchestra, and how best to ensure you and your fellow members contribute to the aims of the orchestra and enjoy your membership.

Rehearsal Schedule

The current rehearsal calendar can be found below, and you can download the list of orchestrations and timings for the entire season using the button below. If you're going to miss a rehearsal or performance please email the Orchestra Manager directly.

The Committee

The Committee of the Northampton Symphony Orchestra 2023-24:

Chair Rachel Chapman (Trumpet)

Vice Chair Christine Kelk (Bass Clarinet)

Treasurer Nick Dean (Violin 2)

Secretary Callie Rich (Horn)

Members’ Representative Corinne Malitskie (Cello)

Ticket Secretary Frank Jordan (Contrabassoon)

Friends Secretary - Sian Bunker (Bassoon)

Marketing Officer Edward Hall (Viola)

Orchestral Manager Graham Tear (Flute)

Concert Manager Scott Blundell (Violin 1)

Librarian Jane Grant (Violin 2)

Should a member of the orchestra like to provide feedback on the operation of the orchestra or provide suggestions please contact the Members’ Representative at membersrep@nso.org.uk or the Chair at chair@nso.org.uk.

Annual Subscriptions

These cover the cost of the rehearsal room(s), rehearsal fees for the conductor and leader, and music hire. All other expenses of the orchestra are covered from ticket sales.

Full membership (see note 1) : £180

Senior citizen, full-time students (see note 2) : £114

Associate members (see note 3) : pro-rata per concert


  1. Alternatively, the fee may be paid on a term-by-term basis (£60 due at the start of each term).
  2. Alternatively, the fee may be paid on a term-by-term basis (£38 due at the start of each term).
  3. Associate members are those who through the nature of the instrument they play will not be required in all concerts but still wish to be members of NSO and ensure they are offered the parts as they arise.

Please ensure that subscription fees are paid within the first 4 weeks of term.

NSO Publicity and Marketing

As members of the orchestra, we all want our hard work to be heard and it’s important that we help to publicise concerts wherever possible. Flyers and posters are produced for every performance; please take some to display, and make use of the digital version which we email over to you.

NSO has an active presence on social media. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and ask all your friends to do the same!

If you’d like to help out with our orchestra’s marketing and publicity in any way, please speak to the orchestra’s Marketing Officer.

Social media links:

Website: www.nso.org.uk

Facebook: facebook.com/northamptonsymphony

Twitter (X): @NtonSymphOrch

Instagram: northamptonsymphonyorchestra

Members' Handbook

More detailed information on being a member of the NSO can be found in the Members' Handbook.

Past programmes

The NSO has been performing since 1893 and we are very lucky to have a full list of concert programmes.

Duty of care policy

The purpose of the NSO's Duty of Care Policy is to outline the responsibilities and commitments of the orchestra to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in or attending our concert performances.